Anchor Folk Club

Blue Anchor Public House, High Road, Byfleet, Surrey

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Singers' Nights are a popular part of the club's program with all types of acoustic folk music and song performed. The programme for each evening is put together by our host, Mike Peach, and singers and musicians will usually be offered a spot for two or three songs or tunes during in the evening. If you want to play - and debut performances are always welcome - you should come early and make yourself known to Mike. Those new - or not so new - to floor singing might like to look at David Harley's article, Floor Singing for Beginners.

Click the icons below to hear a sample some of our members recorded live on singer's nights:

Mike P & Mike D   Diggers Gerry B   Just the Same
Jo   Teddy O'Neal Mike P   Something Inside So Strong
Richard   Where Are You Tonight Ken   Across the Great Divide
Jim   The Baron of Brackley Frank   Rag Mama
Dave   Troubled Mind Mike D   The Alabama
Mary   The Tail of My Coat Gerry D   Old Man
Chris   The Hiring Fair Malcolm   Peggy Gordon
Roger   As I Roved Out Betty and Mike P   Let Me Down Easy
Suzi & Marie   The Witches Les   Dead Skunk


The Wild Mountain Thyme

Note: you will need a media player such as Microsoft Media Player or RealNetworks RealOne Player to play these MP3 excerpts. Each is 288 Kbytes in size so may take a few moments to load.

If you have an difficulties playing the files please let Les Coveney know so we can optimise the files we publish so that as many people as possible can listen to them.

Mike Peach explains the idea behind Club Zone:

'The Anchor Folk Club was conceived with the purpose of providing a value and audience for musicians and singers who might otherwise perform to an audience of chairs, tables, walls and ceilings in the confines of their own space. Over the years an increasing group of people have expressed their talents in short floor spots on Singers and Guest Nights.

But many club members have more in their repertoire than can be shown off in a Singers Night floor spot. Now it is time for Anchor Folk floor singers to break out of their regular two or three song spot into the Club Zone. Starting in February 2004 we have dedicated four nights a year for our own 'stars' to show their full musical talents in their own forty-five minute slots. Two acts, drawn from the hat, will be featured on each of these evenings'.

To get your name into the hat and get your chance in Club Zone, speak to Mike Peach.