Anchor Folk Club

Blue Anchor Public House, High Road, Byfleet, Surrey, KT14 7RL

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At the Anchor Folk Club we have a wide variety of really excellent guest artists. Here are some who have performed for us:


The  Jim McLean Band 

August 2002

Geoff Higginbottom 

April 2003, April 2004,14 April 2005

6 April 2006 ; 12 April 2007 ;

10 April 2008 ; 2 April 2009 ; 15 April 2010 ;

14th April 2011 ; 12th April 2012

 Geoff Higginbottom – Say no more – Stanley knives, kipper ties, plats and moustaches to the ready please.

11th April 2013 , Same old, Same old, Same old - but a great night all the same – no pun intended!


Gerry Dryden 

July 2002

Color Pic: Steve Tilston

Steve Tilston

December 2002 and 31st May 2007

Mick Ryan & Pete Harris 

September 2002 and 9th June 2005

Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman 

February 2003

Ewen Carruthers

September 2002

Ron Truman Border 

January 2003

Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby

March 2003

Paul Downes 

November 2002  

14th December 2006

17th March 2010

Paul Downes A welcome return - Paul's sensitive and yet fun approach to his live performances puts him among the most respected artists on the British acoustic music scene today

Dave Ellis & Boo Howard 

October 2002

Noel Murphy

Every year, about St Patrick's day!

Alan Franks & Patty Vetta

January 2003

12 June 2008

Betty and Tamuska

January 2003

Jon Harveson & Saskia Tompkin

March 2003



May 2003

Graeme Knights

May 2003

King Street Smith

June 2003

Ben Paley & Tab Hunter

June 2003


July 2003

posing-ed-4.jpg (33391 bytes)

Ed Rennie

July 2003

Jez Lowe

September 2003;10th September 2009; 

8th November 2012

Mike Silver

September 2003 ; 12th Jan 2005 ; 

13th Dec 2007 ; 7th Oct 2010 ;1st March 2012

Simon Hopper

October 2003


October 2003

19th February 2009

9th February 2012

Liz Simcock

November 2003

1st June 2006

Sue Graves

November 2003

Munday Turner

December 2003

Tudor Lodge

January 2004

14th March 2013

The Machine Breakers

March 2004 

4th October 2007

Judy Cook

April 2004

Gina le Faux 

May 2004

Jo and Sunita ; Chris Harris with Ian Joss

May 2004

Elaine Samuels  & Kindred Spirit

June 2004



July 2004


Kath Tait

July 2004: 6th July 2006


Gerry Beckford

Mike Peach and Friends 

5th August 2004


"King Street Smith and his Blues Buddies"

"Sue Graves and Hector Gilchrist"

12th August 2004




William Pint and Felicia Dale

9th September 2004

20th September 2007


Mark Newman

16th September 2004

Anchor Folk 10 th Anniversary

18th September 2004

Festival September 2004


Jim McLean 

14th October 2004 : 2nd February 2006 

Dave Ellis and Boo Howard

28th October 2004


Rattle on a Stovepipe

11th November 2004

4 th Club Zone

Rosa's Daughters (Marie Rice and Suzi Zeffert)

and  Dave Lambert

25th November 2004


Damien Barber 

9 th December 2004

Kick the Cat 

20th January 2005

Mary Humphreys & Anahata 

3 rd March 2005




Brian Bannister & Eric Barlow

24th March 2005


John McCormick

5th May 2005

Keith Kendrick

12th May 2005


Bob Fox 

23rd June 2005

6th May 2010


Ron Truman-Border

7th July 2005


Tom and Barbara Brown

21st July 2005


Peter Quin

8th September 2005


Jed Grimes

29th September 2005

Tom Napper and Tom Bliss 

20th October 2005


Jez Low and Jake Walton

17th November 2005


Janis Haves           and  Tony Carling 

15th December 2005


Vin Garbutt

16th February 2006


Brian Peters

BRIAN PETERS – A good old fashioned folk singer and musician

2nd March 2006

11th June 2009 

1st December 2011


5th Club Zone

King Street Smith and Woodsmoke

16th March 2006

Duncan McFarlane

23rd March 2006

Sara Grey & Kieron Means

11th May 2006

James Raynard

15th June 2006

Damien Clarke

3rd August 2006



three smashing ladies bring fantastic music and song – a night not to be missed

21st September 2006;

6th September 2011


Stephen and Kristi Nebel (USA)

5th October 2006


John Conolly

26th October 2006

6th Club Zone

1) Aysgarth -namely Louise, Tim and Leo


2) Tony Rees

9th November 2006

John Kirkpatrick

23rd November 2006


11th January 2007

Emily & Hazel Askew

25th January 2007

Pete Coe

15th February 2007



8th March 2007

Donal O'Connor

29th March 2007 ; 30th April 2009

Phil Beer

26th April 2007



17th May 2007


28th June 2007

10th December 2009

Julie Felix

26th July 2007

Issy & David Emeney with Kate Riaz

18th October 2007

Hector Gilchrist and Friends

Launch of "Ingleneuk" their new CD

1st November 2007

Willy Barrett’s  Sleeping Dogz

15th November 2007

George Papavgeris

10th January 2008





24 th January 2008

Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer

21st February 2008

J P Slidewell

6th March 2008

7th Club Zone

Martin & Chris Cook 

Tony and Janet Geen

13 th March 2008

Bella Hardy

Askew Sisters

27th March 2008


Lisa Knapp and Gerry Diver

15 th May 2008

Derek Gifford

10th July 2008

Carla Ulbrich

18th September 2008

Graeme Knights

9th October 2008

Andy Clarke

erstwhile organiser of Totness Folk Club and a welcome returnee to the club. Good singer/guitarist not to be missed

6th Nov 2008; 23rdJune2011


Fiona Lander and Paul Mason

4th December 2008


Sue Graves, Hector Gilchrist and Steve Poole

29th January 2009

Tony Carling

5th February 2009

Issy and David Emeney and Kate Riaz

19th March 2009

Jeremy Taylor

  It's great to have Jeremy back with us. A legend of folk and humour from the 60's. Those of you that saw him here two years ago will confirm that it was a special night

28th May 2009; 2nd June 2011


Kiss the Mistress

Kiss the Mistress

2nd July 2009

Tony Winn

Tony Winn

16th July 2009

Jim Bainbridge

Jim Bainbridge

8th October 2009


22nd October 2009

Peter Coe

12th November 2009

Jo Philby   Fiona Driver and Graham Simpson

25th November 2009


Hector Gilchrist:- Address , Henry Watson :- Piper

Special Guest:- Ray Martin

21st January 2010


Norah Rendell and Brian Millar

11th February 2010

Steve Turner

11th March 2010

8th CLUB ZONE:- featured Patrick "Paddy" Brady in the 1st Half  and "Celtic Fringe" after the break. Paddy has treated our regulars to his Irish banter and sharp wit for just over a year. He has become a regular member of the club and a pleasure to be with. "Celtic Fringe" is Irene Copp and Mike Davies. They have been singing together for nearly ten years and will sing and play a combination of traditional Scottish, English and American songs as well as the odd POP and COUNTRY . They are great active members of the club. 

1st April 2010


Geoff Higginbottom

The most talented man from his own town and he has an allotment! Here again – Kipper ties tonight chaps

15th April 2010

14th April 2011

12th April 2012


Bob Fox

After 35 years a professional folk singer Bob brings us a wealth of music and anecdotes. It’s good to have him back at the club

6th May 2010


Tom Kitchen and Gren Bartleyare a bright young act on today's folk scene. Tom's fiddle style  suits Grens voice and songwriting skills. Expect a good night  

27th May 2010


Askew Sisters - Emily and Hazel Askew are a young duo making waves on the folk scene with their energetic brand of English folk music. Using fiddle and melodeon, they play and sing with an infectious enjoyment and love for the music, winning them fans wherever they go.

10th June 2010

4th October 2012


Robert Brown

Look forward to an excellent Acoustic solo artist performance 

1st July 2010


Isobel Morris  and Jim Kimberley. When they are not playing London Progressive Rock Venues they play the Folk Scene with traditional Folk Songs and those from Isobel's pen. A rare visit not to be missed.

29th July 2010


Bram Taylor

calls on a large repertoire of traditional songs as well as contemporary and humorous material to give an entertaining evening

16th September 2010

20th September 2012

Mike Silver

a superb songwriter and masterful guitarist makes a welcome return visit to the Club

7th October 2010

Flossie Malavialle

While French by origin she has settled in England and likes all sorts of different music genres. She will give us an impressive evenings entertainment 

4th  November 2010

A wonderful French lady with a Geordie accent who wooed us last time she was here with here fantastic voice and amazing sense of humour

14th February 2013


15th Anchor Folk Anniversary

A great day had by all fantastic guest spots and great singing from the Anchor folk regulars.


13th November 2010

 9th Club Zone:- A great evenings entertainment provided by Jon Bental and Stuart Forester

20th January 2010


"The Reverenzas"

This trio gave an impressive evenings entertainment of energetic song and music from fiddle, guitar and accordian 

27th January 2011


Stanley Accrington  

Apart from the silly and very silly material, Stanley has always been writing serious songs to confuse the situation further.  A buddy of Geoff Higginbottom – Say No More

17th February 2011

Jack Warshaw– 

Jack has re-started his folk career and is joined with Stuart Michael Burns from Texas. This will be a special night not to be missed

5th April 2011

MIRANDA SYKES AND REX PRESTON - Miranda’s rich, spine tingling vocals and strident yet sensitive double bass playing meld with Rex's fine Mandolin playing –  this duo are way up there with the best there is – don't miss this night 

20th October 2011


“Songs of the Sea” – and singers night for Charity Singers Night – hosted by Steve Poole in aid of the Jubilee Sailing Trust. Themed around songs of the sea and Trafalgar Day

Raised £240 0n the Night

27th October 2011

JODY KRUSCAL– One of Americas finest concertina players and all round folkie – A rare visit to the UK no to be missed

3rd November 2011

Martyn Wyndham-Read

Martyn has been involved with Folk Music for over forty years and we are fortunate to have him with us tonight. A night not to be missed

12th January 2012



Suntrap have developed a distinctive sound. Once described as Fairport meets Fleetwood Mac, the songs clearly take influence from both English folk and Americana. Bert Jansch like guitar coupled with big " wall of sound" vocal harmonies and a strong dose of driving fiddles make a fantastic evening - good to have them back with us.

9th February 2012


A great friend of the Anchor Folk Club. It is good to see and hear him again

1st March 2012


Wendy has sung many different styles of music but with folk music she has found songs that come from the heart and allow great emotional expression and social commentary . Originally from Glasgow , Wendy performs a mix of British Folk songs including a generous helping of Scottish material

15th March 2012



One half of Britain's most successful acoustic duo "Show of Hands" and former ALBION BAND member, Phil is with us for a second time.

26th April 2007 ; 10th May 2012

10th CLUB ZONE:-

 Featured Morag Butler , Helen Chinn and Gary Smith

24th May 2012


Phil Henry & Hannah Martin -

 Using slide guitars, fiddle, banjo, vocals, and even beat box harmonica, they captivate and exhilarate an audience. Luck to get them before they become megastars!!

14th June 2012



 a quintet formed from our old friends, The Westlanders,  plus two new members with a traditional repertoir accompanied by Guitar, mandolin, bodhran, flute, digeridoos, etc.

28th June 2012

Phil Drane

Phil is an English folk musician who proudly flies the flag of his own English Heritage Folk Music. From New Zealand

19th July 2012

Ian Bruce

Scottish Traditional and self penned music from a singer that’s long overdue being here with us

6th September 2012

Bram Taylor

A welcome return visit by Bram. A splendid night for all

20th September 2012

Jim McLean

A Local Hero. Its been a while but we are sure fortunate to have him play and sing

18th October 2012



Jez Lowe  

A legend in folk music. An award winning singer songwriter from the N.East. We are glad to have him play once again at the Anchor

8th November 2012


Fil Campbell

is an Irish singer from Co. Fermanagh who mixes traditional and contemporary Irish songs with some of her own compositions.

22nd November 2012

Jack Harris – 

A young singer songwriter who is winning national acclaim with his wonderful self penned folk songs of people, events and places. A wonderful poet and exemplary musician.

17th January 2013

11th Club Zone

 Featured Cameron Brown 1st Half; Tequila Sunset 2nd Half ( Vivi , Pete and Mike) 

28th March 2013


Jed Grimes 

 A fine singer from the north east of England. He is not only a wonderful songwriter, but also someone with a charismatic quality that shines right through his music

9th May 2013

Michelle Holding

Michelle sings traditional and contemporary British and American songs, playing guitar, banjo and concertina. Blessed with a striking and distinctive voice, she performs with passion and sensitivity. Confesses publicly to being a Morris dancer.

30th May 2013


Paul Downes & Maggie Boyle

Paul is a great friend of the club and tonight he joins forces with Maggie Boyle. Maggie is a wonderful singer who continues the tradition of music and storytelling passed on by her Irish family. Both Maggie and Paul have impressive pedigrees and they have worked with many of the greats on the folk scene.

6th June 2013


12th Club Zone


John Tanner 

Tim Francis

27th June 2013



Rob Halligan

  Described by the BBC as “Bruce Springsteen having English tea with Billy Bragg” and by Paul Gambaccini as “someone who writes very powerful songs”, Rob Halligan is an award winning recording artist and songwriter.

11th July 2013


Acoustic Astronauts

Betty Davila and Mike Artes bring their great music to Byfleet. Featuring Kirsten Hammond on Fiddle 

8th August 2013


Sarah McQuaid

  Sarah's voice has been likened to malt whiskey, melted chocolate and “honey poured into wine(Minor7th). A captivating performer, she seduces her audience with cheeky banter and stories from the road, as well as with stunning musicianship; in her hands, the guitar becomes much more than merely an accompanying instrument. 

5th September 2013

The Goat Roper Rodeo Band 

"A fresh, energetic three-piece acoustic band who combine great vocal harmonies with up-beat, self-penned songs to make a memorable live show." 


19th September 2013

Winter Wilson  

are a superb duo deserving of national recognition -and make no mistake, Dave Wilson is in the very top tier of British songwriters

10th October 2013

Phil Hare: 

Phil’s solo music career began almost 25 years ago and he is now widely regarded as one of the finest and most distinctive guitarists working on the current UK acoustic / folk music circuit.

31st October 2013

Fran McGillivary and Mike Burke

  Delta blues, Americana and foot stomping music from these two great muso’s. Not to be missed – a great night to be enjoyed

14th November 2013

Darren Black of Black Peak -  

Natural rhythm and wonderful music from Darren who is now enjoying a solo tour

12th December 2013


They are, Sue Graves, Hector Gilchrist and Steve Poole. They sing a variety of beautiful songs, with fine harmony vocals, harmonica and acoustic guitars. Their aim is to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere, that their charm dictates

9th January 2014

Crosstown Trio

This young trio provided great entertainment in the second half of the evening after the traditional Burns Night celebrations. Look out for them 

23rd Jan 2014 


Sally Ironmonger

'Medway's response to Victoria Wood provides an evening of poignant songs - many with a local insight into the magnificence and uniqueness of Medway - delivered with passion, aggression, compassion and a nod to sentimentality.         30th January  2014  


Hadrians Union

  This Juxtaposition of meaningful lyrics and passionate playing have been compared to the likes of ‘Show of Hands’ and ‘Jez Lowe and the bad pennies’.

20th February 2014

Pete Coe 

It’s been a while since Pete has been with us so don’t miss his mastery at traditional folk music with melodeon and banjo – not forgetting two agile clog feet

20th March 2014



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